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Yearbooks will be a treasured item that holds memories of school and friends. Prairie Lakes Print & Production produces these high-quality keepsakes at significant cost savings to our districts. We also support teachers, students or parents who wish to do the design work. 

The most common (and economical) option for the finished project is saddle stitched. Two staples are placed in the fold of the pages. This method will be used for books up to 48 inside pages plus the cover. Another option for the finished project is spiral bound. This method is used for all books that are have more than 48 inside pages.

Yearbook Pages
The number of inside pages in the book should be divisible by 4 to avoid having blank pages inside the yearbook. The cover is not included in this count; it is separate.) Please request additional information when you place your order as margins differ for each type of layout. Images and text will need to stay within the set margins.

Page Numbers
The first page of the actual book (not the inside front cover) is page one. Odd pages are always on the right side, even on the left side.
It is RECOMMENDED that you number the inside pages of your yearbook. Be consistent with placement. If starting out with the location in the
middle of the bottom of the page, then stay with that throughout the book.
If you decide you do not wish to have page numbers, you are still requested to number the pdf pages. This is in case the pages are mishandled;
we can assemble the correct sequence that you want.

Document Bleed
If you request that the design of the cover page have a bleed effect (when the image is to the very edge), that sheet will be printed on a 12 x 18 inch
sheet of paper and cut to 11 x 17 inches. Documents with bleeds are more costly because of the size of the paper stock and cutting charges. If interested, please mention this when placing your order so we can best meet your needs.

Time Line and Submitting Files
Final files must be to the Media Center by the last week of March for delivery during the second week of May.

Yearbooks can be printed at time of the year. Two to three week turnaround time is reaquested.

Please submit final files as pdf documents. These can be e-mailed, saved to a CD/thumb drive or shared through google docs. Copies saved to CD/thumb drives can be sent through van delivery. Contact the graphic artist for assistance.


All professional photographs require written permission from the source.
PLAEA will not print your order without written permission. Most schools use LifeTouch to take the student/staff photographs. Mike Geary, from the Clarion office, is the representative in this area for LifeTouch. Contact him at Request an e-mail “Yearbook Copyright Release” PDF form for your school’s principal or superintendent. The school administrator then needs to sign the form and fax back to Lifetouch (515-532-3015) AND to Prairie Lakes AEA Media Center (712-335-5870).

Please obtain written permissions from professional photographers and send with the project.

Clip art and Backgrounds
Clip Art can be computer-generated using software applications like Microsoft Word or purchased clipart packages. Iowa AEA Online
provides iCLIPART for schools and can be found at Your teacher librarian has your school’s
username and password or you may contact Harriet Adams.

Please note, has requested that credit be given to them somewhere in the book. It should read as follows:
<> accessed month, date, year
Some graphics from iClipArt for Schools <>
accessed month, date, year

Scrapbook sheets and decals ARE copyrighted. You will need to have printed permission from the companies to use them for this purpose. The
permission form needs to accompany the project.

Illustrations, including drawings done by students, can be scanned and printed at the school or sent to us and we will make colored photocopies for you to paste down for your books. 

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