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Lending Library

Prairie Lakes AEA provides instructional materials to support classroom instruction. 

SNAP - online media catalog
Reservations for materials can be made anytime through the online media catalog, SNAP.  User name and password is required.  For log-on questions, please seek the assistance of your district’s Teacher-Librarian or contact the AEA Lending Library at 800-594-9494. Direct URL is

Online databases from Iowa's Area Education Agencies
Iowa AEA Online is a virtual library that provides no-cost access to 16 high-quality, web-based resources for accredited public and non-public PreK-12 schools. Students and staff have access at school and at home. Iowa AEA Online is funded and supported by Iowa's Area Education Agencies. To learn more, contact your school or AEA media and technology contact.

  • AEA Digital Library (PreK-12)
  • American History in Video
  • BookFLIX (PreK-3)
  • Britannica Online (PreK-12)
  • CultureGrams (K-12)
  • FreedomFLIX (4-12)
  • GALE (PreK-12)
  • iCLIPART For Schools (PreK-12)
  • LEARN360 (PreK-12)
  • MackinVIA (PreK-12)
  • ScienceFLIX (4-12)
  • SIRS Issues Researcher (9-12)
  • soundzabound (K-12)
  • (PreK-12)
  • Teen Health & Wellness (7-12)
  • TrueFLIX (3-6)
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