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AEA Digital Resources - Looking for helpful resources for your family?  Iowa’s AEAs provide Iowa students and educators with no-cost access to 16 high-quality, vetted digital resources. The resources are available anytime, anywhere! 

There are read-aloud ebooks, ebooks, digital audiobooks, videos, encyclopedias, articles, newspapers and more for our youngest and oldest learners.

Some digital content vendors have waived the username/password so you may click on some resources and get right in.

If your student needs the username/password, please click this link and we'll get you that information.

With weekly free van delivery to every school, our Media Library offers a wide variety of material, all available at no charge for educators to use. These classroom materials benefit all PreK-12 teachers in every curriculum area! Our lending library provides content in an assortment of mediums, ranging from K-12 books, audio books, professional books and materials, journals, videos and DVDs. Learn more by clicking here. 

Our Print & Production Team can help you create and produce professional looking posters, banners, brochures, signage and more to enhance your teaching needs. We can help you make your classroom and school(s) become a more positive learning environment. A positive environment can influence student learning. Let’s get started!

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