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Trauma Responsive Schools Conference 2018

All of the resources from the 2018 Trauma Responsive Schools Conference are available here.

Friday Sessions

  • Jim Sporleder

  • Therapy Dog 101

    • Storm Lake Middle School assistant principal, Jaymie Bral, will provide information on the benefits he has experienced with SLPS’s first certified therapy dog.  Have you always wondered what kind of training is involved?  What does the research say about the benefits for our students?  How do you address students with allergies and those who fear dogs?  Come listen to his journey over the past four years and have your questions answered.  And you’ll have the chance to meet Dory!

    •  Kinsey Elementary in Sioux Center will introduce Casa and its therapy dog program. 

  • Restorative Justice with Justin Blietz

  • Orchard Place with Gladys Alvarez-This session will cover what Trauma Informed Care is and the 4 types of trauma.  We will discuss various interventions including how to use the 4 elements of trauma informed care as an intervention and attunement steps. (Handout access here)

  • Promising Practices

  • Joan Hansen from Storm Lake shares their Comprehensive School Counseling Program.

  • Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) with Laura Fuller Challenging behavior

    •  Challenging behaviors

    •  Basics of Collaborative & Proactive Solutions

    •  A “first pass” at using CPS

    • Review of Breakout 1 material

    • Closer look at how collaborative problem solving works

    • Info on resources

Saturday Morning Exercise - Both options begin at 6 a.m. 

  • Yoga with Jean Mohr- Ease into your morning with a yoga practice designed for all levels. This 75-minute practice will begin and end with guided meditation and is layered with gentle stretches, strength and balance poses. Use this time to awaken your body and your mind and get ready to engage for the remainder of your day. Jean is a 200- hour registered yoga teacher, yoga therapist and yoga therapy group facilitator.

  • Run/Walk with Jeff Herzberg - Meet at the front entrance of Kings' Pointe at 6 a.m. and enjoy a walk/run around the lake.  Please wear reflective gear if possible and dress according to the weather! We will plan on about 60 minutes for our time together.

Saturday Breakout Sessions:

  • Make it OK   Shelly Rock, RN, BAN, MA will be presenting Make It OK--learning more about normalizing conversations about mental illnesses, exposing misconceptions  and creating a positive change in our approach to those suffering from mental illness.  

  • Building a Trauma Responsive Community from the Ground Up- Jean Bahls, Clarke CSD

  • Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) Part 1 with Laura Fuller

  • Informal Q&A with Jim Sporleder

  • Blue Zones Ikaria, Greece with Luann Alemao   Power 9 for all Blue Zone sessions

  • ACEs Cultivating Resilience w/ Trauma Informed Practices with Liz Cox

  • Everyday SEL in Your School with Carla Tantillo PhilibertEveryday SEL in Your School is a highly interactive and experiential workshop focused on tangible, effective and evidence-based Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), movement and mindfulness strategies that principals, teachers and school staff can implement with students to create a safe, respectful and ready to learn school climate and culture. Participants will learn -- first-hand -- how to effectively integrate SEL practices with students to also help build and strengthen their self-awareness, self-regulation and pro-social skills.

  • Promising Practices

    • Bright Bytes 

    • Clarke CSD

    • Gilmore City-Bradgate

  • Creative Living Center with Marty Wallace - This breakout session will emphasize that a student's learning and behavior can be greatly affected by acute, chronic, or complex trauma in their lives. One-fourth of the students in every school have been traumatized to the point that education is difficult or below expectations. There will be basic knowledge about trauma, examples and videos, helpful strategies to help these kids and ways to become a trauma informed school. At times there will be laughter, tears, and sharing as trauma information is covered.

  • Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) Part 2 with Laura Fuller

  • Lakes Partnership School with Teresa Alesch, Brianne Goings, Jennifer Prentice and Vanessa Jorgensen

  • Blue Zones Eating Well with Luann Alemao

  • ACEs Planning and Implementing Trauma Informed Strategies in your School Community with Liz Cox

  • Becoming a Trauma Responsive Community with Jim Sporleder

Closing Keynote - I Teach Because: Making a Difference in Today's Schools - Carla Tantillo Philibert

Carla Tantillo Philibert, founder of Mindful Practices, will close the conference with a keynote session at 11:30 am on Saturday November 3. Philibert is the author ofCooling Down Your Classroom and the Everyday SEL series, which provides practical Social-Emotional Learning and Mindfulness solutions for Early Childhood to High School teachers. 

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