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Timetable Summary
Component One Cohort and mentor procedural training
  • Mentor orientation: purpose and organization
  • Cohort orientation:
    • portfolios
    • use of technology
    • assessments
    • School-wide Action Research (SAR)
    • Iowa Professional Development Model (IPDM)
    • problem-based learning themes
    • research requirements
  • Program requirements:
    • Iowa Standards for School Leaders (ISSL)
    • Design Principles
    • Distributed Leadership Principles
    • Tool Box requirements
Component Two Problem-Based Learning Theme 1:  How is a shared vision developed that clearly drives the school improvement process over time and promotes the success of all students?
  • Tool Box themes congruent with problem theme connected to:    
    • Design Principle 2
    • Leadership Principles 1, 2
    • ISSL Standard 1
ISSL Standard 1 Criteria:
The principal
  1. In collaboration with others, uses appropriate data to establish rigorous, concrete goals in the context of student achievement and instructional programs.
  2. Uses research and/or best practices in improving the educational program.
  3. Articulates and promotes high expectations for teaching and learning.
  4. Aligns and implements the educational programs, plans, actions, and resources with the district’s vision and goals.
  5. Provides leadership for major initiatives and change efforts
Component Three Problem-Based Learning Theme 2:  How is a system (building) designed using an instructional focus that is stable over time and maintains a high standard so as to teach people in the organization how to think and act regarding learning for continuous improvement?
  • Tool Box theme congruent with problem theme connected to:
    • Design Principle 1
    • Leadership Principles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    • ISSL Standard 2
ISSL Standard 2 Criteria:  
The principal
  1. Provides leadership for assessing, developing and improving climate and culture.
  2. Systematically and fairly recognizes and celebrates accomplishments of staff and students.
  3. Provides leadership, encouragement, opportunities and structure for staff to continually design more effective teaching and learning experiences for all students.
  4. Monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of curriculum, instruction and assessment.
  5. Evaluates staff and provides ongoing coaching for improvement.
  6. Ensures staff members have professional development that directly enhances their performance and improves student learning.
  7. Uses current research and theory about effective schools and leadership to develop and revise his/her professional growth plan.
  8. Promotes collaboration with all stakeholders.
  9. Is easily accessible and approachable to all stakeholders.
  10. Is highly visible and engaged in the school community.
  11. Articulates the desired school culture and shows evidence about how it is reinforced.
Component Four Problem-Based Learning Theme 3:  How does an educational leader facilitate processes and engage in activities to ensure that operational procedures are designed and managed to maximize opportunities for successful learning?
  • Tool Box themes congruent with problem theme connected to:
    • Design Principle 2, 4, 5
    • Leadership Principles 4, 5
    • ISSL Standard 3.
ISSL Standard 3 Criteria:
The principal
  1. Complies with state and federal mandates and local board policies.
  2. Recruits, selects, inducts, and retains staff to support quality instruction.
  3. Addresses current and potential issues in a timely manner.
  4. Manages fiscal and physical resources responsibly, efficiently and effectively.
  5. Protects instructional time by designing and managing operational procedures to maximize learning.
  6. Communicates effectively with both internal and external audiences about the operations of the school.
Component Five Problem-Based Learning Theme 4:  How is a sense of urgency created within the school concerning issues of standards and performance that meets the diverse needs of all students with a vision of learning that effectively mobilizes school and community support?
  • Tool Box themes congruent with problem theme connected to:
    • Design Principles 1,2,3,4,5
    • Leadership Principles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    • ISSL Standard 4
ISSL Standard 4 Criteria:
The principal
  1. Engages family and community by promoting shared responsibility for student learning and support of the education system.
  2. Promotes and supports a structure for family and community involvement in the education system.
  3. Facilitates the connections of students and families to the health and social services that support a focus on learning.
  4. Collaboratively establishes a culture that welcomes and honors families and community and seeks ways to engage them in student learning.
Component Six Problem-Based Learning Theme 5: How is a clear set of values and beliefs created and modeled that inspires others to a higher level of performance?
  • Tool Box themes congruent with problem theme connected to:
    • Design Principle 5
    • Leadership Principles 1, 4, 5
    • ISSL Standard 5
ISSL Standard 5 Criteria:
The principal
  1. Demonstrates ethical and professional behavior.
  2. Demonstrates values, beliefs and attitudes that inspire others to higher levels of performance.
  3. Fosters and maintains caring professional relationships with staff.
  4. Demonstrates appreciation for and sensitivity to diversity in the school community.
  5. Is respectful of divergent opinions.
Component Seven Problem-Based Learning Theme 6: How is school improvement effectively coordinated within the larger political, social, economic, legal, and cultural context in order to promote success for all students?
  • Tool Box themes congruent with problem theme connected to:
    • Design Principle 5
    • Leadership Principles 4, 5
    • ISSL Standard 6
ISSL Standard 6 Criteria:
The principal
  1. Collaborates with service providers and other decision-makers to improve teaching and learning.
  2. Advocates for the welfare of all members of the learning community.
  3. Designs and implements appropriate strategies to reach desired goals.
Component Eight

Defense if Portfolio, Assessments


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