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Program Director
Jeff Herzberg

Program Contact for Keystone AEA
Pat Heiderscheit

Cohort Directors
Harold Knutsen
Lori Porsch
Dr. Paul Tedesco

IPLA Standard Titles and Faculty/Seminar Leaders

Standard 1 – Sustaining School Culture and Instructional Programs
Seminar 1 - Jeff Herzberg, Consensus and Communication
Seminar 2 - Michelle Huntress, School Action Research & School Improvement
Seminar 3 - Michelle Huntress, Data Collection & Analysis
Seminar 4 - Jeff Herzberg, Systems Thinking

Standard 2 – Student Learning and Professional Development
Seminar 1 - Dana Schon, Design of an Exemplary Professional Development Model
Seminar 2 - Kim Kazmierczak , Sustaining Teacher Learning to Impact Student Achievement
Seminar 3 - Stacey Cole, Effective Assessment, Designing Standards-Based Learning
Seminar 4 - Dan Mart, Instructional Technology that Supports Teaching & Learning

Standard 3 – Maintenance of Operations for Safe and Efficient Schools
Seminar 1 - Sarah Freking, Technologies that Support Management Functions
Seminar 2 - Rick Engel, Legal Issues for K-12 Principals
Seminar 3 - Lori Porsch & Kellie Anderson, Special Education Law and How to Comply
Seminar 4 - Mark Prosser, Creating and Sustaining Safe Schools    

Standard 4 – Collaborating with Families and Community
Seminar 1 -  Kim Buryanek, Assessing Community Needs
Seminar 2 - Mike Pardun, Building and Strengthening Community Partnerships
Seminar 3 - Dep Baccam-Ung, Abbey Green, Iris Hernandez, Yoanna Rosas, & Marta Sandoval, Building Effective Communication with All Stakeholders

Standard 5 – Create and Model a Clear Set of Values for School Leadership
Seminar 1 - Jeff Herzberg, Developing a Personal & Professional Code of Ethics
Seminar 2 - Trent Grundmeyer & Dave Keane, Establishing your Leadership Style

Standard 6 – Understanding, Responding to, and Influencing the Political Context
Seminar 1 - Margaret Buckton, Educational Advocacy: The Politics of Education
Seminar 2 - Paul Tedesco, The Role of the School Board and Community and the Impact on Education
Seminar 3 - Paul Tedesco & Lori Porsch, Diversity, Equity, Democracy: Global Issues Affecting Teaching and Learning

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