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Print Shop rolls out new ordering system as part of unified effort with Iowa’s AEAs

As part of a unified effort with all nine of Iowa’s AEAs, our Prairie Lakes AEA Print & Production Department will transition to a new online ordering system. The new system offers several benefits to our customers which include:

  • The ability to retain an order history
  • An expanded array of products and sizes
  • Faster re-orders
  • The ability to view the production status of each order including a notification once complete.
  • The system also estimates the cost of your order based on the information provided. (Please note that this is only an estimate.)

We’ll make the switch to the new system on April 1 - no fooling!  Please continue using the current printed order form or fillable pdf until April 1. Orders placed on April 1 should be submitted through the new AEA Creative Services Ordering System rather than the printed order form or fillable pdf. 

To assist you in this transition, we have created this set of directions and a quick video tutorial to get you started. If you need assistance, please contact Jenifer Krischel who will be happy to talk you through this new process. 

As part of our move into a new website this summer, our Print Shop will also transition to a new name - Creative Services. However, you can still expect the same awesome products and amazing service delivered by our talented staff. 

Thank you for your continued partnership with Creative Services!

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