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Suite of resources in Iowa AEA Online

Students, teachers, and school staff once again will have access to the vast resources available at Iowa AEA Online.

Two new resources at Iowa AEA Online this year are ScienceFLIX and FreedomFLIX, both designed primarily for the middle school audience. ScienceFLIX broad categories include Earth Science, Space Science, Life Science, Health & Human Body, Physical Science, and Tech/Math/Engineering and features experiments, careers in science and science news.  FreedomFLIX looks at the people, places and events that have shaped our world and include the broad categories of Ancient World, Colonial Era, Our Democracy, Westward Expansion, Immigration, Slavery & The Civil War, Economy, 20th Century, Today’s World and War. 

Research databases include Britannica, CultureGrams, Gale, ScienceFLIX, SIRS, and Teen Health and Wellness. Literacy supports can be found with BookFLIX, FreedomFLIX,, and TrueFLIX.  Streaming videos, full length and clips, are located at AEA Digital Library and Learn360 while image and presentation supports are available at iClipArt and soundzabound.

Please contact your district Teacher Librarian for your building’s user name and password.  For additional information please contact Harriet Adams, 

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