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Students Will Experience the Next Generation of Researching Digital Content with AEA Scout!

Iowa’s Area Education Agencies are changing the way students and educators find high-quality digital information. Enter AEA Scout: One login. One search. One interface. 

AEA Scout is a new online portal that provides access to many of the digital resources provided by Iowa’s AEAs: AEA Digital Library, American History in Video, Encyclopedia Britannica, Gale, Learn 360, Mackin VIA, PBS Learning Media, SIRS Researcher and Teen Health & Wellness. Students benefit from a one-stop-shop for their research needs, and teachers can rest easy knowing their students are searching the quality, curated content they’ve come to know and trust.

Digging Deeper

With AEA Scout, students have the ability to dig deeper in their quest for information. A wide variety of sources of information in multiple formats will be at their fingertips when they search AEA Scout. This new way of information gathering also encourages students’ curiosity and builds a foundation for lifelong learning.

What Makes AEA Scout Special?

Single sign-on to one interface

  • Login once to search multiple sources in one interface

Quality digital content 

  • Curated content from recognized publishers and producers 
  • Access to videos, articles, documents, ebooks, audiobooks, photos, charts, graphs and more 

Predictive functions 

  • The more students search, the smarter and more customized the results become
  • Suggested materials based on usage and interest 

Personalized learning experience 

  • Create a folder for each class or assignment 
  • Teachers can share resources and notes with specific students 
  • Highlight, underline, take and share notes in one place 

For all learners 

  • Translate text to different languages 
  • Most digital text is read-aloud 
  • Closed-captioned video 
  • Change text size and font 
  • Change the background color for higher contrast 

Accessing AEA Scout

Visit the AEA Scout website today for access to these great resources: 

  • CultureGrams
  • iClipArt for Schools
  • Soundzabound
  • BookFLIX
  • TrueFLIX
  • FreedomFLIX
  • ScienceFLIX

Educators can log in using their “AEA Login” -- the same username and password they use to login to trainings via the AEA Learning Online system. 

While we’re working on a more seamless way for students to access AEA Scout, they can use their school-issued email address and a special building code provided by their AEA librarian or media director/consultant to log in. If districts would like to provide the code themselves to their students, they can contact or (800) 255-0405 ext. 14702. Individual access is still available for the following digital resources that currently aren’t integrated into AEA Scout.

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