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Clarifications About the Biliteracy Seal

You may have heard of the Biliteracy Seal before in communications from the Department of Ed. 

Here are some clarifying points about having the program at your school:

  • The biliteracy seal is not directly associated with your EL program as EL students may take part if they'd choose but so may native English speakers who are learning other languages, or foreign exchange students who will graduate from your high school, for example.
  • The biliteracy seal is awarded to high school graduates who are deemed proficient in two or more languages.
  • The purpose of the seal is to acknowledge this asset individuals have worked to gain.
  • It does not require additional courses to be taught at your school.
  • The program is optional and is locally defined. The two links below can help people within your district to do that.
  • If you need assistance, Stafanie Wager at the DE is the person in the know. Please contact her at

A guidance doc from the DE is here:

The three webinars at the link below have some more in depth information:

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