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Mandatory Reporter - New Training Now Available Through AEA Learning Online

There has been some recent incorrect information that has been sent out regarding the Mandatory Reporter training by other sources in the state.  As mentioned in our last newsletter, new legislation in Iowa has changed the rules around the Mandatory Reporter training.  The only approved curriculum for the training is provided by the Department of Human Services.

However, the Iowa's AEAs are approved to offer the DHS' training on the training system.

Iowa's AEAs are currently offering the DHS's e-curriculum as trainings on our system, having replaced our home-built e-curriculum as of July 1.  We were forwarded many emails by school district personnel that said otherwise.  Please help us share this message with your employees and colleagues at other school districts, who might not have the correct information.

For information on changes in the law and what it means for educators, click here. 

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