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Curriculum Network Details

Curriculum Network meetings are held from 8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. on the first Friday of each month at the PLAEA office in Pocahontas. (A Zoom option is avaiable.) A standing agenda follows this schedule:

  • 8:30-10:30 - Join Statewide Update from Heartland’s Network Meeting
  • 10:30-12:00 - Content specifics to be determined by participants
    • Data - types, uses, interpretations
    • Iowa School Performance Profile Understanding (ISPP)
    • Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP)
    • College & Career Readiness Data Leadership - grow ourselves with distributed leadership
  • Upcoming Events
  • Tailored Requests - determined from YOUR input
  • 12:00-1:30 - Structured Networking Lunch (bring your own or minimal charge TBD)

For more information, contact Tabitha DeMey.

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