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Social studies roll-out details for PLAEA

As we enter the new school year, you may find it helpful to have some info regarding new Social Studies standards/roll-out, including the recording of Leslie Pralle Keehn's informational meeting about elementary standards and registration info for the upcoming trainings (see dates below). It is only about 20 minutes long and may answer some of your questions. For secondary people, much of the information is the same. There are separate trainings for secondary and elementary. Instructional coaches, administrators, and curriculum directors (and anyone else that makes sense) are welcome to attend. 

A few things to note: regardless of whether you are secondary or elementary:

  • New standards are grade-specific K-8 and grade-banded 9-12 and full implementation is not required until after the three years of roll-out/training (much like Science/NGSS)
  • Sending a district/building representative or team is an option (doesn't have to be ALL teachers, but we want ALL teachers to have access to info either through training or from a team member)
  • Here is the link to registration and info for PLAEA's Project Based Learning workshops that were mentioned in the video that would be extremely beneficial.

Please use this link to register participants for an upcoming training.

Important Links:
Social Studies Standards
Department of Education Implementation Plan

Details for Elementary    
Oct 9-10           Pocahontas
March 12-13    Spencer
April 23-24      Fort Dodge
Details for Secondary 
Oct 12-13     Fort Dodge
Feb 15-16     Pocahontas *(Snow Date - Feb 26)    
June 4-5       Spencer

For more information, contact Leslie Pralle Keehn

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