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TLC End of Year Report Due July 1

Lora Rasey from the Iowa Department of Education provided the information below regarding the TLC District End of Year Reports due July 1, 2019.  Details on reporting can be found on the TLC Webpage.  The content of the report remains the same as in previous years, however, the reporting format is new.

The TLC Reporting and Plan Application is now available on the Iowa Education Portal for superintendents and other district TLC contacts. The application provides a centralized location to view, edit, and submit annual End of Year Reports. Coming this fall, the application will allow users to view and edit their TLC Plans.

To access the new application, log into the Education Portal with your A&A account and look under the EdInfo menu for TLC Reporting and Plan. If you do not have an A&A account, go to the Education Portal and select Create Account from the A&A Account drop-down menu. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact Lora Rasey.

Please contact Jaymie Randel, if you need assistance with writing the report.

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