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How does Defined Learning incorporate literacy in the tasks?

Prairie Lakes AEA recently added Defined Learning to its lineup of digital resources. Click here to access more information.)

Defined Learning's literacy tasks are designed for students in grades 3-12 and have been created using templates from the Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC). The tasks are developed to align with the Common Core ELA and are meant to promote high-quality student assignments that develop reading, writing, and thinking skills in the context of learning science, history, English, social studies, and other subjects. 

Informational and argumentative tasks are provided aligned with a career-based video and a performance task. Each literacy task provides the student with an overview of the content, guiding questions closely aligned with research articles, a language prompt, tier three vocabulary, and a rubric aligned with the Common Core ELA Standards. The tasks present the students with a "real-world" situation that encourages their writing through either informational or argumentative products. Check out this sample task to get a glimpse of how students would be utilizing ELA to create a newscast, city council report, etc. 


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