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8 Things to Remember When Working With Students Who Take Alternate Assessment

  1. Students should have at least reading, writing, and math goals/instruction until graduation, as they are entitled to these services.
  2. Teachers should have a Strat II: ID license. **Strat II:LD/BD is not the correct license. The school or teacher should contact Mike Cavin at the BOEE with questions:
  3. There is a student profile learning survey (EL AA) and first contact survey & PNP (DLM) that needs to be completed each Fall and updated throughout the year, if needed, on the student. Please collaborate with the IEP team to make sure that the student’s performance levels are correct. This does include hearing, communication, vision, large motor, fine motor, etc. 
  4. If teachers have a concern, they will need to contact the Students with Significant Disabilities team in the AEA with their questions. The Department of Education and DLM have requested this process.  If there is something that The Department of Education or DLM needs to assist with, the Prairie Lakes AEA SWSD team will contact them.
  5. If a school district is in need of a modified alternate assessment for a student, the district administrator would need to contact Jennifer Denne:  
  6. Materials and items provided to students should be age-appropriate.
  7. Keep tasks to one new learning or hard task. Think about the complexity of the task you are having the student complete. 
  8. Early Literacy Alternate Assessment (EL AA) and Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM)
  • Grades K-2 only do Early Literacy Alternate Assessment (EL AA)
  • Grades 3-6 do Early Literacy Alternate Assessment (EL AA)  and Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM)
  • Grades 7-11 only do Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM)
  • DLM also includes Science for grades 5, 8, and 10
  • Registration Codes are sent to the districts by the DE at the beginning of the year
  • Principals must contact Jennifer Denne at the DE if a student needs scale reductions. (Usually students on shortened day due to health concerns.)
  • Teachers are REQUIRED to take the alternate assessment training every year for EL AA and DLM

Here are some great resources:

Principal Booklet for Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM)
Getting Started with Early Literacy Alternate Assessment (ELAA)
Checklist for Teachers and Administrators
How Does It All Fit Together?


Please contact a member of the Prairie Lakes AEA Students with Significant Disabilities Team:  

Tiffanie Zaugg (Team Lead and Instruction)
Gloria Bartelt (DLM contact and Instruction)
Jennifer Prentice (EL AA contact)
Kris Taphorn (Instruction)

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