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June conference focuses on standards-based grading

Transforming Systems through Standards-Based Learning" summer conference will be held June 15 and is sponsored by Des Moines Public Schools and Drake University.

This conference has an emphasis on secondary education, although there will be some elementary application.  The breakouts are facilitated largely by DMPS teachers and leaders, as they lead learning over how the Des Moines schools have implemented standards-referenced learning, including grading and reporting, over a large district.  However, there are also breakouts with specific learning for administrators, others facilitated by small schools in Iowa, some on how to get student information systems (SIS) to cooperate with standards-based learning, and everything in between.  We invite you to listen to our stories, tell your own, shape new ideas and possibilities, and come away with plans to better study and implement standards-based learning in your own school and district, particularly at the secondary level. 

More details available here. 

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