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Mark Shea selected as Postsecondary Readiness Lead

Mark Shea, Director of Student Success at Buena Vista University, has been selected as the new Postsecondary Readiness Lead for Prairie Lakes AEA and Northwest AEA. Shea, a graduate of Buena Vista College with a degree in Elementary Education, served as a substitute teacher and teacher associate at Storm Lake Middle School after graduation. He returned to his alma mater to work in the Admissions Office prior to being named Director of Student Success in April 2011. Shea lives in Galva with his wife and two boys. 

One of the major responsibilities will be to assist districts with the National Clearinghouse Data, to help them gain a better understanding of their students up to six years after graduating from high school. This data will also help us to improve our programming so more kids are successful earning post-secondary credentials:

Essential functions for this position include:

  • Leadership to collaborate with AEA and LEA staff to design and organize postsecondary student success programs and services
  • Lead internal AEA staff capacity building to support postsecondary student success services to schools and school districts
  • Lead school level teams to address student learning needs at the secondary and postsecondary level
  • Collaborate with secondary counselors, principals, and teachers to implement postsecondary student success strategies
  • Collaborate with the Community College District Intermediaries at the postsecondary level
  • Collaborate with schools and school districts to strengthen student engagement and postsecondary success
  • Translate National Clearinghouse data into usable student feedback for schools and school districts
  • Provide the AEA and LEAs with postsecondary success research-based strategies

His official start date is Aug. 16. 

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