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What are students saying about the Teen MHFA curriculum and what they have learned?

As part of the “3 resources to remember, 2 things I learned and 1 action I will take” protocol on the last day of Teen MHFA class, students in one PLAEA school shared the following as takeaways from the Teen MHFA curriculum: 

  • “Keep an open eye for anyone who you think may need help.”
  • “One-fifth of people have panic attacks.”
  • “Law Enforcement is there to help and isn’t always out to get you.”
  • “The suicide hotline is a resources to get help."
  • “Mental health challenges are common.”
  • “There's a difference between a crisis and a challenge.”
  • “I learned that asking about suicide will not put the idea in someone’s head.”
  • “Just listening to people’s issues can help them.”
  • “You can always be that person that is there for someone who really needs it and there are always resources.”

If you would like more information on how to offer Teen MHFA in your high school, contact Kim Bodholdt, MHFA Coordinator at


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