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Cohort class focuses on enhancing Fact Fluency

Are your students still counting on their fingers past third grade?  Is this a constant concern in your school? If so, consider joining a cohort of Prairie Lakes AEA elementary teachers (K-3) to learn more about Fact Fluency in 2020-21.

This professional learning stresses the need for coherence of beliefs, pedagogy, and implementation around the math fluency standards of K-3. The training also helps build a cohesive MTSS system. Teachers receive universal strategies that enhance core learning, targeted intervention activities/lessons, and intensive intervention suggestions for all students based on data from the fact fluency assessment. 

The math team is inviting a second cohort of interested schools to participate. If your school is interested in learning more about this, please contact your math consultant to set up a zoom or face to face meeting with your team.

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