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WANTED: "High-Tech Pen Pals"

The Ciudad Soil and Water Conservation District in Albuquerque, New Mexico is looking for 4th-5th grade classes who are looking for partners to exchange information about rivers and their watersheds! This is part of a year-long curriculum where students learn about rivers, watersheds, stormwater, municipal water supplies, ecology, and conservation.

They are looking for other students who are interested in water issues that would like to communicate with our students through a private blogging website called kidblog. We provide training and support to ensure a successful experience. Through writing and creative sharing about rivers, we integrate science with language arts, social studies, and 21st-Century learning skills, all correlated to Common Core Language Arts Standards!

Check out the website,, for more information and to access the registration form. 

This is a great opportunity for teachers who already enjoy your programs to take water resource education to the next level by doing even more hands-on lessons and exchanging information with other students in the arid southwest.

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