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June PD centers on Building Literacy in Social Studies

Prairie Lakes AEA will offer secondary social studies teachers and Teacher Leaders the following professional development:

Year 1 Building Literacy in Social StudiesJune 26 & 27 at the PLAEA office in Fort Dodge

Participants will focus on the ELA Literacy Standards for History/Social Studies with an overview of six instructional shifts used to implement the Iowa Core into the classroom.  A more in-depth analysis of two of the instructional shifts – Disciplinary Literacy and The Use of Informational Text will also be a central part of the course.

Year 2 Building Literacy in Social Studies – June 12 & 13 at the PLAEA office in Fort Dodge

Participants will earn four of the six shifts within the Iowa Core in Literacy for History/Social Studies standards and classroom applications. These shifts include:  Academic Vocabulary, Text Complexity, Text-based Evidence and Argument, and Writing from Sources.

Note:  These classes may be taken out of order.  They were created by the State Social Studies Professional Development Cadre and have and are being offered across the state.

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