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Number Talks - Beyond Whole Numbers classes set

Beyond Whole Numbers Number Talks is simply a short daily practice where students mentally solve computation problems and talk about the strategies used to solve it. Number Talks helps students to learn to work flexibly and confidently with numbers and operations using whole numbers. But Number Talks aren’t just about whole number; these Talks can also be used in all operations with decimals, fractions, or even variables. Too many times we see student work that indicates they mixed up all the rules and procedures of arithmetic. Number Talks affords the student to make sense of the computations since it depends on their own sense-making and helps students to believe in themselves mathematically and to persevere in problem solving.

Who Should Attend?
These courses are designed to assist 5th-8th grade educators in building mental strategies that promote number sense once students have experienced rich
mathematical tasks in the areas of fractions, decimals, and integers.

Number Talks - Beyond Whole Numbers
Prairie Lakes AEA - Pocahontas office
June 11 & 12 -  North and South Twin
August 6 -  North and South Twin
Oct. 3- North and South Twin
We will be meeting 9:00-2:30 all four days with lunch on your own for one hour.

Number Talks beyond Whole Numbers uses Cathy Humphreys and Ruth Parker’s book, Making Number Talks Matter. This book is required for the class. Please bring it with you.

One License Renewal Credit is offered. You will be able to register for this on the first day.

Register here for Number Talks Class 8024. Registration questions? Contact Carrie Kee.

Content questions? Contact: Donna McClain or Gina Blomberg.

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