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BrightBytes: plan your spring data collection now

For several years Iowa AEAs, in partnership with BrightBytes, have provided tools to assist districts with collecting actionable data to aid in decision making. Districts currently have access to several BrightBytes modules including Technology & Learning, Modern Learning Solution and Digital Privacy, Safety & Security.

The AEAs want to help ensure districts do not miss out on the opportunity to collect this important data as AEA financial support for these BrightBytes tools will end June 30. This spring is the last opportunity for Iowa districts to collect data for FREE. 

Districts around the country who have collected Technology & Learning or Modern Learning data so far this school year are finding dramatic shifts in the quality of technology use for instruction, specifically around communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. This data, and other information collected through BrightBytes modules, may be useful to your district. Some of the questions these data can help answer for your district include:

  • What is going on with teaching, learning and technology use in your district?

  • Knowing that teaching and learning are different, what data is guiding the many, many decisions you are being called to make every day?

  • Knowing that technology use is different, how are you documenting what’s happening?

  • How will you illustrate what’s changed pre and post pandemic?

  • How will you know what practices/tools/activities need to stick when things return to “normal?”

  • What are the practices you have seen teachers and students adopt during this time that you want to ensure do not revert back to “the way they’ve always been before?” How do you know which ones are most important or effective?

  • How are you providing evidence to your board, your community and all stakeholders that students ARE learning? That investments in technology and infrastructure ARE paying off?

Next Steps:  

  • As a district it’s time to collect data from BrightBytes. Review the questions above to see how the data can best inform your district.

  • Connect with Julie Graber or BrightByte’s Karen Goldstein to learn more about your options and get started with a collection. It’s quick and easy!

  • Help us plan for how we can help support using BrightBytes tools in your district by completing this short survey by March 31. 

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