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What support system is in place for your instructional coaching program?

As districts continue conversations about the best ways to leverage instructional coaches in support of improving teaching and learning, some questions to consider are 1) what are the coaching program goals? 2) What support system is in place for the instructional coaching program? 3) Are the system inputs leading to the desired system outputs? Certainly one system output is improved student engagement and learning.

A recent article written by Dan Alpert, Publisher and Program Director Corwin Equity and Professional Learning captured a sound reason for improving student engagement and learning and thinking about the coaching system in place to do this. He said,  “teachers engage in inquiry for equity to increase the learning and life chances of every student with whom they work, regardless of factors (e.g., race, socioeconomic status, gender, sexuality, and ability) that often inhibit students in an educational system that was not designed to meet their needs.”

Coaches are uniquely positioned to support teachers in wondering if all of their students have equal access to content and instruction that leads to high levels of student engagement. Supporting teachers in this inquiry is complex and takes courage.

Consider comparing the current support system for instructional coaches to a system designed for high support and high accountability.  The comparison can surface possible gaps. PLAEA can assist with a conversation about assessing the current support system and finding solutions to enhance the instructional coaching program.

Please contact Jaymie Randel for assistance with assessing your district coaching program and finding solutions for enhancements.

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