Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency

Two Computer Science learning opportunities for high school teachers

We would like to know who in your school is interested in registering for some high school computer science seats for professional learning as part of an AEA state-wide collaboration grant from the Iowa Computer Science Professional Development Incentive Fund. There are two high school learning opportunities including compensation that the AEA Statewide Computer Science Leadership Team will be offering in 2021. 

We have limited seats so it is important for us to gather this information ASAP for those educators that you know would be willing to participate in these learning opportunities. If these seats are not filled by our educators, they will be made available for educators in other AEAs. In the survey, you will be asked to first list your contact info. and then list each high school educator's first and last name & their email address from your district for each learning opportunity they are interested in.

Please complete this survey no later than Monday, Feb. 8 as PLAEA has limited seats. If you have questions, please contact Julie Graber,

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