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Spring schedule set for CPI training

CPI’s De-Escalation Tip #3: The more a person is in distress, the less they hear your words—and the more they react to your nonverbal communication. Be mindful of your gestures, facial expressions, movements, and tone of voice. Keeping your tone and body language neutral will go a long way toward defusing a situation.

There is still time to register for the Feb. 19 or March 15 sections of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training!

Registration Deadline: Feb. 3
Training Date: Friday, Feb. 19

Registration Deadline: March 3
Training Date: Monday, March 15 

The PLAEA Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (CPI) courses are live on the AEA Professional Learning Registration System. Please refer to the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention newsletter for the full Spring 2021 schedule of dates and other details.



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