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Resource for Refining the District Coaching Program 

brief published by the National Center for System Improvement about effective coaching practices that improve teacher practice and outcomes for all learners states that coaching programs should have two goals:

  • Improve teaching practice, with a particular emphasis on increasing the use of practices shown to be highly effective, including evidence-based practices
  • Improve learner academic and behavioral outcomes through improved teaching practices

The brief also states there are five coaching practices that have the most impact on achieving the two goals. The practices are observation, performance feedback, relationship building strategies, and modeling.  As districts consider how to best leverage instructional coaches for improving teaching and learning, it may be time to consider or reconsider the goals of the coaching program and the coaching practices that have impact.

Utilizing an instructional framework with a continuum of practices from novice to more advanced certainly supports observation and performance feedback for growth. Has your district considered the value of having an instructional framework that describes a vision of highly effective instructional practices?

The authors of the aforementioned brief also suggest using this Implementation Guide to facilitate a conversation about the current coaching program to acknowledge what is working well and areas for refinement. Would your district be interested in an opportunity to work through the questions in the guide along with other districts? If so, a work day could be arranged for this purpose.

Please contact Jaymie Randel,, for more information about instructional frameworks and/or to share your interest in having a work day with other districts for the purpose of refining the coaching program.

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