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PLC Relaunch: early bird registration underway

Does your building/district have Professional Learning Communities? Are they focused on the big ideas of PLCs: focused on student learning, collaborative culture, and results oriented? When teams are meeting are they focused on the main four questions? or have they become, as Gerry Brooks describes, “Places Ladies Converse?"

Are you thinking, “How does all of this PLC stuff work when my school/district staff has teachers who would say, “I’m the only one who does what I do?” These “singleton” teachers often include teachers of band, choir, art, auto mechanics, consumer science, technology, psychology, business, drama, nursing, special education, dance, media, agriculture . . . the list goes on and on. In a small school, you may have one person who teaches a grade level or subject.

Prairie Lakes AEA is pleased to host a Professional Learning Community Conference facilitated by Solution Tree. This session will be held June 16-17 at Briggs Woods Conference Center, Webster City.

Early bird registration is $100 per person. After May 1, registration will be $125/person.

Registration includes: learning and lunch for two days, plus copies of Aaron Hansen's book for all registrants.

Click here for more details, including registration.


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