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Author Steve Gill leads distinguishing between special education & language acquisition

Steve Gill, author of The ELL Critical Process, will train teams in a matrix-based process that differentiates between disability and language acquisition. The process uses a variety of data which leads teams toward the best type of supports for diverse learners.

Time, Dates, Location
8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Aug. 12 & 13 at the Prairie Lakes AEA office in Pocahontas.  Lunch will be provided on site.

Who should attend
Any districts or buildings which have a considerable proportion of English Learners, or find it difficult to determine the cause of ELs’ struggles in literacy, or have a trend of identifying either too many or too few English Learners for special education services should send a team. Teams should consist of administrators, EL teachers, spec ed teachers, a general education teacher, or other building problem solving team members. In addition, your AEA Building Coordinator and spec ed consultants will attend with your team.

$140 for teams of up to 6 district/school personnel. 

​​​​​​Click here to register. Deadline is June 15.

Ongoing work for 2020-2021 school year
Evaluate your special education identification process as it pertains to English learners and its ability to distinguish between learning disabilities and
language acquisition needs.

Look at the data of the English Learner group of students in your school to determine presence or absence of dis-proportionality in special education

Evaluate your Language Instruction Education Plan to determine the degree to which it is helping students reach English proficiency in a timely manner and ensuring access to the standard instructional program.

Evaluate the degree to which your MTSS supports ELs’ access to the standard instructional program.

Plan and implement improvements in these systems to eliminate dis-proportionality in identification and serve ELs appropriately


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