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Science curriculum survey

This message was originally sent out to Curriculum Directors and Principals. 

As AEA science consultants across the state, we are frequently asked questions such as “Are there any other districts that have adopted XXXX program?” or “Are there any other districts that are writing their own curriculum that we could network with?”  We have been fielding questions such as these so often that we thought it might be time to create a database of the curriculum programs being utilized by our schools.  We will not be asking you (or anyone) to evaluate your curricular program; we are simply collecting information that might be helpful for networking among administrators/curriculum directors.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could visit this state-wide survey link:  and take the brief 10-question survey.  Even if you do not plan to adopt new curriculum, or if your district has written your own curriculum we would love to hear from you on the survey (and there is a spot on the survey for you to include that information). We are not implying that districts need to be adopting new curriculum; we are only collecting information for networking purposes!

We would love to have the survey completed by February 24th if possible.  Thank you so much for your consideration of this request!

Leslie Moore & Lynne Campbell

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