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PLAEA Math Team shares Fact Fluency impact data

They just DON’T know their facts!! How many times have you said this as a teacher or heard it as an administrator?

In 2018, the PLAEA Math Team started a series of workshops that targeted fact fluency in second, third, and fourth grades, including  special education and Title program teachers. This school year, the workshops were expanded to include kindergarten and first grades.

The goals of the training were to:

  1. provide teachers with an assessment that would allow them to identify what facts students knew and still needed to learn;
  2. increase teacher understanding in how students learn their math facts;  
  3. decrease instructional practices that prevent students from learning their facts; and
  4. provide teachers with intervention activities and progress monitoring probes to use during targeted and intensive interventions. 

The *17 participating schools have been collecting data around student’s fluency levels. This included over 400 students. The PLAEA Math Team is excited to share the results of the second grade addition data. (Note: data is being collected at different grade levels.  However, due to the timing of the trainings we are only able to directly compare results from 2018 to 2019 for second grade at this time.)

Explaining the Data

Blue indicates second grade students in November 2018. Red shows second students in November 2019. Students that fall within the stage of counting within 5 have not yet mastered the kindergarten fluency standard. Students that fall within the stage counting within 10 have not yet mastered the first grade fluency standard. Students that fall within the stage of counting within 20 are on target to meet the second grade fluency standard by then end of the year. Students that are fluent within 20 have already mastered the 2nd grade fluency standard. 


The PLAEA Math Team would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the teachers and instructional coaches that have worked hard to improve the fact fluency of their students throughout this past year. If you would like to hear more about our Fact Fluency trainings please complete the following Interest survey and a math consultant will contact you.

*Participating schools are:

  • Albert City-Truesdale
  • Algona
  • Alta-Aurelia
  • Clay Central/Everly
  • Clarion-Goldfield-Dows
  • East Sac County
  • Emmetsburg
  • Estherville Lincoln Central
  • Graettinger-Terril
  • LuVerne
  • Newell-Fonda
  • North Kossuth
  • North Union
  • Ruthven-Ayrshire
  • Schaller-Crestland
  • Sioux Central
  • South Hamilton
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