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Do you have student loan debt? Take advantage of this benefit through PLAEA

Trying to understand all the possible ways to better manage your student loans is a daunting task. Prairie Lakes AEA is pleased to continue offering the Loan Relief benefit from Fiducius. With their financial planning approach, the student loan Advisors at Fiducius help you navigate and determine your best option, including forgiveness, refinancing and consolidation. They may help you lower, or even eliminate, your student loan payment.

Fiducius will fully educate you about all available options and provide a personalized Student Loan Financial Wellness Plan at nocost before you decide whether or not to use their services. As with other voluntary benefits, like life insurance, you only pay Fiducius when you choose to use their services. 

Visit Prairie Lakes AEA + Fiducius to register

It’s easy to get started with this new benefit. We encourage you to take a step to improve your financial wellness and learn if Fiducius can help you better manage your student loans.

Questions, or trouble logging in? Call 1.513.645.5400email or visit their website for more information and success stories.



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