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Iowa’s AEAs partner with McREL to offer the Iowa Leadership Academy

Iowa’s AEAs have partnered with McREL to offer the Iowa Leadership Academy beginning in June.

The Iowa School Leadership Academy will give school leadership teams in-depth strategies and guidance from McREL’s research- and evidence-based knowledge sets of Balanced Leadership, What Matters Most and Curiosity Works.

School districts are encouraged to consider bringing a team(s) of 3-6 leaders who can learn and work collaboratively around the presented course content and be willing to engage in this work within their respective districts. The cost is $400 per person. The first 200 members of SAI who register will receive a $50 discount on registration. This course meets the requirements for Evaluator Approval II. Please be sure to sign up for this certification during the registration process.

View the academy flyer for session dates and locations, learning content and links to registration.


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