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College and Career Ready Math Workshop is March 4

College and Career Ready Math Workshop will be held from 9 a..m-noon March 4 at the PLAEA office in Pocahontas.

Discussion will center around preparing our students to be college and career ready in the area of mathematics. The purpose of this training is to increase understanding of how we can better prepare students for college-level mathematics. This is a system-level discussion of the root causes around math remediation and an exploration of potential solutions. You will leave this discussion prepared to have this conversation with others, including math teachers and teacher leaders, around what you can do to address this issue in your school district.

Please follow this LINK to register each individual that will be attending. This workshop is intended for principals, counselors, and curriculum directors (It is not intended for math instructors). It is highly recommended that the high school principal and school counselor both attend. If you wish for others in your district to attend, please contact Mark Shea at or Donna McClain at

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