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Collaborating with a coach pays off for students, teachers

This is a great time of year to reflect and plan forward. Stacey Origer is a teacher at Manson Northwest Webster who is looking forward to winter testing to see how many of her students have grown this year in reading. She and the instructional coach collaborated during a coaching cycle and Stacey experienced benefits for her and the students.

“As I reflect on my coaching cycle, I feel like it was a win- win situation for both myself and my students. How I felt it benefited me was that I connected my coaching cycle with my IPDP and focused on the needs of my students.  Knowing that I had 3 students who had IEP’s in the area of reading and 4 students who received Title 1 services I knew that reading was an area of concern. It was great to collaborate with another teacher to talk about strategies that would help my students succeed.  Using Press Interventions was also great as it was a resource that was available and easy to use.  I also feel like the students benefited from this intervention as 16/18 students gained a 10+ word increase in their fluency.  It was an easy intervention that students didn’t seem to mind doing. I am looking forward to winter testing to see how many students have grown so far this year.”

Stacey also earned license renewal credit from participation in the coaching cycle.

Check out all the opportunities that are available for PLAEA teachers to earn credit through collaboration with a coach. For more information, contact Jaymie Randel,

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