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CPI de-escalation tip & registration reminder

CPI’s De-Escalation Tip #1: Do not judge or be dismissive of the feelings of the person in distress. Remember that the person’s feelings are real, whether or not you think those feelings are justified. Respect those feelings, keeping in mind that whatever the person is going through could be the most important event in their life at the moment.

Need to renew or complete an initial training in January? The registration deadline for the sections of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training on Jan. 9, 7, 13, and 15 is just around the corner! Please complete your registration online by December 9th so that we have time to get workbooks van-mailed to districts prior to winter break.

The PLAEA Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (CPI) courses are live on the AEA Professional Learning Registration System. Please refer to the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention newsletter for the full Spring 2021 schedule of dates and other details.

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