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Important GOLD® Fall Checkpoint Information

The Iowa Department of Education is aware of the recent challenges programs may be experiencing in using GOLD® assessment on the MyTeachingStrategies™ platform. Iowa's transition to the new platform has experienced some performance lags and technology challenges. The Iowa DE is working with Teaching Strategies to address these challenges to ensure subscribers are able to administer and use the GOLD® assessment with fidelity and to support a formative instructional design.

During the past few weeks, the Iowa DE has received multiple communications of both system challenges and concerns in completing the Iowa fall checkpoint on Nov. 17. The completion of the checkpoint is a requirement as part of Iowa Code 279.60, for programs operating preschool classrooms or providing early childhood special education services under the authority of the Department of Education. GOLD® is also a requirement of Shared Visions preschool programs.

During the fall period, programs should consider the completion of the fall checkpoint to be the priority, using available documentation to inform and complete the fall checkpoint requirement. If a program is experiencing system issues with uploading supporting documentation, programs should maintain their supporting documentation in some other manner for this reporting period.

The Iowa Department of Education will continue to work with Teaching Strategies to improve the subscribers' experiences with the GOLD® assessment with a goal of improved system performance for the remainder of this year's checkpoints. Status updates will be communicated as available: Iowa users should take note of communication from both the Iowa Department of Education and Teaching Strategies.

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