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November is Native American Heritage Month

PLAEA Teacher Librarian Christine Sturgeon shares some of the resources available through your AEA.

A Learn 360 video program on Native Americans (Elementary)

A Freedom Flix book, The Trail of Tears (Elementary-middle)

A Mackin Via book, Myths and Legends of the Sioux (Elementary-middle)

An AEA Digital Library video about when Ponca Chief Standing Bear was declared a person (Secondary)

A Learn 360 video on Native Americans (Secondary)

An American History in Video silent film from 1919 about the Seminole Indians (All ages)

And one resource for you:

American Indians in Children's Literature - Dr. Debbie Reese blogs and tweets about First Nations and shares insights that I hadn't considered before. See these Lists of Best Books on Native Americans.

Image is from the Smithsonian American Art Museum (seriously beautiful art there!)

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