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Resource Feature: TeachingBooks deepens the joy of reading

TeachingBooks is a great resource available to PLAEA teachers and students that curates literature resources designed to help readers connect deeply with books, gain new insights and understanding from authors, and help them thoroughly experience the joy of reading.  For example, this list, inspired by the CASEL framework, to infuse social and emotional learning into your instruction, or this original recording of an interview with Senator John Lewis of Georgia, author of the graphic novel series March.  

Logging into your TeachingBooks Educator account is now easier than ever - go to, sign in with your school email address, and hop into the Literacy folder. There you'll find the TeachingBooks app - click on it, and it will recognize you from your domain and log you directly into your Educator account.  This access allows teachers to create their own lessons, build custom booklists, and share resources and access directly with students.  

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