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Do you know the impact your mentoring program is having on students and teachers?


Do you know...   

  • Students taught by Beginning Teachers supported by an Induction Coach following a research-based mentoring model have three to five months more growth on standardized tests in reading and math than students taught by Beginning Teachers in traditional mentoring programs?
  • The cost of recruiting, hiring, and training replacement teachers is between $4,366-$10,000 in rural districts and $15,325-$17,872 in urban districts?
  • Beginning Teacher retention in Iowa is 70%. Retention within districts that use the research-based mentoring  model is 85% and is 95% within the consortium of districts using the model?

Do you know several districts in Iowa participate in the research-based mentoring model that has proven impact on student achievement and retention rates of Beginning Teachers?

  • Districts in Grant Wood, Great Prairie, and Mississippi Bend AEAs have formed Induction Consortiums for Beginning Teachers.
  • Please view the short video about the consortium in Grant Wood AEA.

Do you know where and when the research-based mentoring program started?

The program was started in the 90ss by Ellen Moir, Wendy Baron and Janet Gless in a small office at the University of California, Santa Cruz and grew into the New Teacher Center. This independent national nonprofit serves 2.6 million students and 40,000 teachers, which includes 8% of all new teachers in America; including Iowa teachers.

This short video demonstrates the interaction between an Induction Coach and Beginning Teacher.

This visual shows an example of a Consortium infrastructure.

Example of a Consortium infrastructureExample of a Consortium infrastructure

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