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FAST and Student Success updates and reminders

Please review the information below and follow the links where needed. These are important updates related to FAST, Student Success and the Iowa Education Portal.

  1. As you begin this most unusual year and start to think about assessing students who may be in a remote learning setting, you will find this resource helpful. Please take the time to review it. The document was written to highlight the trade-offs and decisions that need to be made for meeting the needs of students and ELI requirements in light of remote learning settings., you can find directions on remote test administration in the FAST knowledge base, in their COVID section.
  2. There are three training sessions remaining for the new early warning system features in Student Success. There is also a recorded version available. Register at:
    1. 8/27 at 10 AM
    2. 8/31 at 2 PM
    3. 9/3 at 10 AM
  3. Access to FAST and Student Success is through the Iowa Education Portal. Please attend to the following to maintain and provide access to staff:
    1. Infinite Campus:You must have Campus.2032.5 installed to have the necessary codes for the FAST roles. Also, make sure your SIF agent is set to transmit 2020-21 data. Follow these directions for SIS setup of roles (they are different than last year).
    2. PowerSchool: Be sure that you have the latest SMP installed and that your SIS is rolled over to 2021. Follow these directions for SIS setup of roles (they are different than last year).
    3. JMC: Be sure to have students scheduled to a class and assign the correct teacher roles for FAST and Student Success.
  4. General information about how to manage access to FAST and Student Success can be found in the Quick Start Guide, and more specific information about user roles can be found in the Assigning Roles document.
  5. We have prepared an archive of previous emails from this list. Go here to review past communications.
  6. The MTSS/FAST/Student Success support team would like to be able to help you with issues as quickly as possible. Please help us help you efficiently. Please use the appropriate ticket system for support questions, and provide us with details to help diagnose the problem. Screenshots often help us understand the issue, and a specific example is usually required (names, grades, buildings). Direct emails to individuals may not get a response due to our current volume of email, and questions sent to the wrong system can cause delays in response
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