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Our Family & Educator Partners are here to help!

When a child is diagnosed with a disability or is found eligible for special education services so many new things happen for parents - new emotions, new language, new questions, and new experiences. We have an opportunity to proactively support parents as they navigate their new normal and districts as they begin providing services for newly staffed students. 

Our two Family Educator Partners (FEP), McKaylee and Deb, are available to support families, schools, and you.  The FEPs each have a child with a disability and can be a resource for families navigating special education services. They can also assist school teams in finding ways to engage families, establish communication, and work together.  The work of the FEP is to coach families and educators so they understand each other's perspectives, establish open communication between parents and educators, and develop a strong bi-directional relationship. 

Once a child is found eligible for special education, one of our FEPs will reach out to families with a brief script, in the weeks following initial IEP meetings. This is one way we can support districts and parents by answering questions, building relationships, and laying the groundwork for positive experiences with special education supports and services.  

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