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Workshop focuses on Title IX

We have arranged a Title IX training for Nov. 11. We can host some school teams who wish to work in Pocahontas OR we can set it up so you have the links that day and you work in your district. (For those attending in Pocahontas, lunch will be provided.) The morning sessions will be recorded and we've secured attorney Carrie Weber to provide support and to answer questions after you've started work on your district plan. Here's the agenda:

9:00-9:45   General Overview*

10:00-11:30     Specialized Training

                   Investigator*(1.5 hours)

                   Decision Maker* (1.25 hours)

                   Coordinator* (1.25 hours)

                   Supportive Measures and Informal Resolution* (1hour)

11:30-12:00    Lunch

12:00-1:30     Work on the district plan

1:30-3:00       Zoom in support from Carrie Weber

You will be given an Overview for K-12 Staff Training link to use with all staff at a later time (20 minutes).  The revisions of the law require training of all school employees. 

*Please let Deb Gade ( know by Nov. 11

1) if you plan to attend in person or remotely

2) if attending in person, please send Deb:

  • who from your district will be there
  • what role will they be assigned, and 
  • how many will be eating lunch

3) if attending remotely - who is the contact person for links

Please contact Susie Meade with questions. 

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