ESSA Supports

Supports offered by Prairie Lakes AEA

Online ESSA Modules

Action Planning Module may be accessed in the Consolidated Application for Support and Accountability (CASA), which is a secure application under the Iowa Education Portal. Instructions for CASA access can be found on the CASA web page.

Data Review Module - created by Prairie Lakes AEA to support leadership teams with ESSA Data Review Module

Resource Review - to be completed at the district central office with one or more schools designated in need of either Targeted or Comprehensive supports.

SAMI Module - The Self-Assessment of MTSS Implementation - or the SAMI - is a needs assessment tool that helps building leadership teams understand the status of MTSS implementation at the school level. The tool supports teams to engage in active discussions to identify strengths and challenges in current MTSS implementation. It is designed to help the local system identify current practices, areas of strength, and areas for growth and refinement, and enable faculty and staff to prioritize and focus resources on those areas in need of the most attention or support.