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Sensory Path Decals

Sensory paths have become an awesome option to help kids stay focused at school. Sensory paths have a wide variety of physical elements for kids to try and often include some learning concepts like counting or the alphabet. They're colorful and engaging and tough enough to stand up to lots of jumping feet.

Check out the colorful options below, OR let us create a custom design just for you! Our Creative Services Team is ready to assist you. To order any of these items, please complete this form and email it to Jenifer Krischel. 

SD1 Bear Crawl Decal

SD1 Bear Crawl

SD2 Caterpillar Walk Decal

SD2 Caterpillar Walk

SD3 Penguin Hop Decal

SD3 Penguin Hop

SD4 Hopscotch Decal

SD4 Hopscotch

SD5 Duck Waddle Decal

SD5 Duck Waddle

SD6 Logo Hop Decal

SD6 Logo Hop

SD7 Flower Power Decal

SD7 Flower Power

SD8 Color Jump Decal

SD8 Color Jump

SD9 Spin Cycle Decal

SD9 Spin Cycle

SD10 Blast Off Decal

SD10 Blast Off

SD11 Frog Hop Decal

SD11 Frog Hop

SD12 Log Walk Decal

SD12 Log Walk

SD13 Mirror Me Decal

SD13 Mirror Me

SD14 Rainbow Tracing Decals

SD14 Rainbow Tracing

SD15 Figure Eight Tracing Decal

SD15 Figure Eight

SD16 Wellness Pack Decal

SD16 Wellness Pack

SD17 Fitness Pack Decal

SD17 Fitness Pack

SD18 Yoga Pack Decal

SD18 Yoga Pack

SD19 Pairs of Feet Decal

SD19 Pairs of Feet

SD20 Pairs of Hands Decal

SD20 Pairs of Hands

SD21 Arrow Set Decals

SD21 Arrow Set (20)

SD22 Circles Decal

SD22 Circles

SD23 Squares Decal

SD23 Squares

SD24 Triangles Decal

SD24 Triangles

SD25 Lines 16”x2.5” Decal

SD25 Lines (16 x 2.5)

SD26 Lines 10”x2.5” Decal
SD27 Lines 8”x2.5” Decal

SD27 Lines (8 x 2.5)

SD28 Lines 4”x2.5” Decal

SD28 Lines (4 x 2.5)

SD29 Arrows in Box Decal

SD29 Arrows in Box

SD30 School Logos Decal

SD30 School Logos

SD31 Bug Set Decal

SD31 Bug Set

SD32 Ladybugs Decal

SD32 Ladybugs

SD33 Sheep Decal

SD33 Sheep

SD34 Green Frogs Decal

SD34 Green Frogs

SD35 Orange Frogs Decal

SD35 Orange Frogs

SD36 Alphabet G1 Decal

SD36 Alphabet G1

SD37 Number G1 Decal

SD37 Number G1


SD38 Ants Decal

SD38 Ants

SD39 Winding Arrow Decals

SD39 Winding Arrow

SD40 Reflexe Decals

SD40 Reflexe

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