Sensory Mats

Portable, heavy-duty, vinyl floors mats are a perfect match for PE, indoor recess, sensory, wellness, and many other indoor activities. These sensory mats provide:

  • Child-initiated movement
  • Fundamental motor skills
  • Dynamic and static balance
  • Proprioceptive, interoceptive, and vestibular activities
  • Mid-line crossing work

Mats can be customized to work for your space. Check out the colorful options below, OR let us create a custom design just for you! Our Creative Services Team is ready to assist you. To order any of these items, please complete this form and email it to Jenifer Krischel.

SM1 Bear Crawl Sensory Mat

SM1 Bear Crawl (25 x 90)

SM2 Caterpillar Walk Sensory Mat

SM2 Caterpillar Walk (25 x 90)


SM3 Penguin Hop Sensory Mat

SM3 Penguin Hop (25 x 90)

SM4 Hopscotch Sensory Mat

SM4 Hopscotch (25 x 90)

SM5 Ladder Sensory mat

SM5 Ladder (25 x 90)

SM6 Duck Waddle Sensory Mat

SM6 Duck Waddle (25 x 90)

SM7 Logo Hop Sensory Mat

SM7 Logo Hop (25 x 90)

SM8 Figure Eight Sensory Mat

SM8 Figure Eight (25 x 90)

SM9 Flower Power Sensory Mat

SM9 Flower Power (25 x 90)

SM10 Spin Cycle Sensory Mat

SM10 Spin Cycle (25 x 90)

SM11 Blast Off Sensory Mat

SM11 Blast Off (25 x 90)

SM12 Color Jump Sensory Mat

SM12 Color Jump (25 x 90)

SM14 Log Walk Sensory Mat

SM14 Log Walk (25 x 90)

SM15 Tip Toe on the Leaves Sensory Mat

SM15 Tip Toe on the Leaves (25 x 90)

SM16 Balance Line Sensory Mat

SM16 Balance Line (25 x 90)

SM17 Mirror Me Sensory Mat

SM17 Mirror Me (36 x 38)
Leader & Follower

SM18 Yoga Pack Sensory Mat

SM18 Yoga Pack (24 x 28) Pack of 3

SM19 Fitness Pack Sensory Mat

SM19 Fitness Pack (25 x 28) Pack of 6 mats

SM20 Wellness Pack Sensory Mat

SM20 Wellness Pack (25 x 28) Fitness & yoga

SM21 Alphabet Parking Sensory Mat

SM21 Alphabet Parking (52 x 34.5)

SM22 Walk About Sensory Mat

SM22 Walk About (76 x 48)

SM23 Number Parking Sensory Mat

SM23 Number Parking (52 x 34.5)

SM24 Alphabet Soup Sensory Mat

SM24 Alphabet Soup (45 x 45)

SM25 Dino Numbers Sensory Mat

SM25 Dino Numbers (25 x 107)

SM26 Farm Yard Follies Sensory Mat

SM26 Farm Yard Follies (50.4 x 74)

SM27 Ant’s Life Sensory Mat

SM27 Ant’s Life (48 x 110)

SM28 Camp Out Sensory Mat

SM28 Camp Out (50 x 105)

SM29 Cornstalk Sensory Mat

SM29 Cornstalk (25 x 90)

SM30 Candy World Sensory Mat

SM30 Candy World (48 x 106)

SM31 Alphabet Sensory Mat

SM31 Alphabet (25 x 150)

SM32 Reflexe Sensory Mat

SM32 Reflexe (25 x 28) Pack of 11 mats

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