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Quick Order Item Description
Boardmaker CORE Vocabulary Boardmaker CORE Vocabulary

  •  Banners, Posters & Cards
  • Regular & High Contrast
  • English & Spanish 
Student CORE Vocabulary Folder Student CORE Vocabulary Folder
Communications Companion Book Communications Companion Book
CORE Vocabulary Readers CORE Vocabulary Readers

  • English & Spanish 
Familiar Text DLM Familiar Text DLM

  • 3rd-12th Grades
Decodable Books Decodable Books
Alternative Pencils Alternative Pencils

  • Regular & High Contrast
Sentence Strips Sentence Strips
Savvy Subitizing Strips Savvy Subitizing Strips
Composition Notebooks Composition Notebooks
Voice Level Posters Voice Level Posters
Math Practice Standards Math Practice Standards
Safety Posters Safety Posters
Georgia Numeracy Assessments Georgia Numeracy Assessments
Classroom Management Visual Books, Clips & Posters
Math Number Lines Math Number Lines
Fraction Strips Fraction Strips
Iowa CORE Books K 12 Iowa CORE Books K-12

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Jenifer Krischel

Chief Printer

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Jackie Boysen

Media Specialist I

712-335-6017 Email Jackie Boysen
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Kimberly Geisler

Graphic Artist

712-335-6015 Email Kimberly Geisler