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November 4, 2019

Does your building/district have Professional Learning Communities?  Are they focused on the big ideas of PLCs: focused on student learning, collaborative culture, and results oriented?  When teams are meeting, are they focused on the main 4 questions? or have they become, as Gerry Brooks describes, “Places Ladies Converse”?

Have you spent thousands of dollars sending teams to Solution Tree PLC conferences?  Would you like a few more teachers to attend but don’t want to spend $1000+ per person?  Have you spent the money already and have teams that aren’t functioning like you had hoped due to some barriers the conference didn’t address?  Does your building have an action plan involving implementation study? PLCs are a vehicle for collaborative learning, data-based decision making, and implementation study!    

You are in luck!  A Solution Tree author (Aaron Hansen) will be in Webster City on January 27-28th to work with building teams!  This is a tailored learning opportunity that will address barriers that YOU have encountered along with basic purpose of PLCs.  This opportunity is available to Prairie Lakes AEA school districts for only $100 per person! Don’t put it off - early bird registration ends November 22!  For more detailed information, please CLICK HERE.  If you have questions, please reach out to Tabitha DeMey ( 


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