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PLAEA welcomes new team members

August 19, 2019

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This fall we welcomed 25 new staff members to our Prairie Lakes AEA team. 

Annette Benedict -  Academic Strategist - Storm  Lake
Laurel Bengford - Speech Language Pathologist - Storm  Lake
KevinBernard - Speech Language Pathologist - Fort Dodge
Kim Bodholdt - Social Emotional, Behavior, Mental Health (SEBMH) Consultant - Fort Dodge
Erin Christensen - Early Childhood Special Education Teacher/Consultant - Spencer
Courtney Cook- Social Emotional, Behavior, Mental Health (SEBMH) Coordinator - Spencer
Emily Deters - Speech Language Pathologist - Storm  Lake
Susan Fairweather - School Social Worker - Spencer
Michealeen Friesner - Secretary
Cathy Frohardt - Academic Strategist
Erin Handeland - Occupaitonal Therapist
Valerie Jergens - Consultant for Emerging Bilinguals
Katie Kauffman - Early Childhood Special Education Teacher/Consultant
Jacquelyn Knustrom - Speech Language Pathologist
Sara Koenecke - Academic Strategist
DeAnn Leiting - School Social Worker
Jalissa Long - School Psychologist
Kelly Mills - Physical Therapist    
Marni Moody - Social Emotional, Behavioral Health (SEBH) Consultant
Lindsay Smith - School Social Worker
Christine Sturgeon - Supervisor of Lending Library/Delivery
Jennifer Stattelman - Academic Strategist
Rose Terrell-Cartee - Challenging Behavior Consultant
Jessica Wright - Speech Language Pathologist - Pocahontas
Pearl Wuebker - Physical Therapist - Pocahontas

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